Troubleshooting Pogo Games support & Pogo games not working issues ?

Troubleshooting Pogo Games

Pogo games are the online games that can be played from the pogo com website for free. As troubleshooting pogo games issues is little complicated, it is good to know the basic things on how these websites work. Here you will see the information regarding the basic setup and most repeated errors in the pogo com games .

How Does The Pogo Games Work?

The pogo games are run either in the Java plug-in or the Flash player. So you must need a system that supports any one of these. You can easily check it with the help of Pogo Compatibility Scan. This will precisely help you to know if your system requirements will allow you to play pogo games without any trouble.


  • If you find pogo not working in your browser then you may have to check on which plug in your system is working in. if it is in Java then you can refer the java guide to fix the issues. If it is flash player then you can see the flash guide to fix the issues.
  • You may find problem loading the games on a Wednesday. Because the challenging options available in the games are renewed every Wednesday. So there will be traffic in the networks on Sundays. On that case you may choose a room with lesser participants. So that the problem of loading the game may be resolved.
  • In case you find pogo games not working in your OS, you may be using windows 8 in which you may not be able to play few games. In that case you can switch over to the desktop screen from the start up screen.
  • If you have visual issues in your desktop like not seeing the games in full screen, you must change your resolution settings.
  • If you have enabled the pop-up blockers then few pogo games may not work on your system
  • If the firewall is enabled in your screen then you may need to configure your setting to avoid disruptions while playing.

Now you have known how to fix pogo games errors and problems that are most common. If you have other issues than this you may contact the customer care service who will be willing work on the issue at anytime. @

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