What Is Microsoft www office com setup ,office com setup & office setup setup?


What Is Microsoft Office Remote?

Support to setup Microsoft Office on your PC

The Microsoft Office remote will help you to access the office on your computer through your mobile phone. It will give you control over the office installed in your PC. It ultimately acts as a remote. So you can control your Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint from any point of the room. This will help you deliver speech in style. The options available will help you deliver more advanced presentation. The office setup already present in your computer will be usually sufficient for your communication through the remote.

Features of the Microsoft Office Remote:

The Microsoft office setup done in your computer can be best used using these options.

  • It comes with large thumbnails for the current slide and a smaller preview for the next slide.
  • It will provide a laser point for your use in just a touch of your mobile. That is one feature that will amuse you since you don’t need to carry your own laser point.
  • It gives access and control like play and pause to your videos related to the presentation.
  • It helps you to jump into any specific sections of your presentation or just a run through of your slides. All through just a touch of your phone.

System Requirements:

First make sure you have a workable version ofoffice com setupwill help you to setup the latest version of the office to connect it to the office pc remote. The following operating system will support the Microsoft office remote PC setup.
  1. Windows 7
  2. Windows 8
  3. Windows 8.1
  4. Windows Phone 8
  5. Microsoft office 2013
  6. Bluetooth on your PC.

If you don’t the above OS then you may to switch over to one. In the same way the ms office setupshould also be installed. You can do it through the following links

This will easily take you through the guidelines to install the Microsoft office 2013.

The individual features provided by the office remote


  • Navigation through the slides
  • Allows to see the speaker notes on the mobile screen
  • Provides laser point


  • Navigation through the worksheets
  • Allows the use of slicer, pivot table and filters
  • Allows to get to any topic on your worksheet
  • Changing the worksheet in just a swipe
  • You can adjust the zoom level.


  • Navigate through headings
  • Navigate through comments
  • Scroll the screen up and down
  • Move through the lines
  • You can adjust the zoom level.
  • Website : @   http://www.officesetup.support/

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