How to make yahoo my homepage

yahoo setup global support

Most of us want to save our time and want to directly go to the page of our choice in a web browser when they want to search ant thing. It does not matter what is your final destination, i.e. which website you want to search or open, first of all you have open your favorite or the default web browser. A web browser is a software application that is developed by the developers to search, retrieve, present and transfer the information on the internet or the World Wide Web. There are several of the web browsers available or the searching like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Opera etc. The unique features of Yahoo help it in setting yahoo Homepage in millions of user’s computers.

Among several of the search engines, each of us always has a favorite search engine which we use for searching the stuff or the videos. Each of the search engines has their specific settings for making them our default search engine. Each time we visit a new web browser, they will ask us to change it as our default search engine. One can change any web browser to its default or favorite web browser at anytime. Yahoo is one of the favorite search engines which is widely accepted in every corner of the globe. Yahoo is the acronym of “Yet Another hierarchical Officious Oracle”. The founders of Yahoo named it as “Jerry and David’s guide to the world wide web”. The “exclamation mark” of yahoo has its own exciting story. As there was already a company named Yahoo so, to distinguish they have to add an exclamation mark. To make Yahoo my home page, first one has to check whether your browser is supported by the Yahoo or not. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, are some of the browsers which are supported by Yahoo.

To set yahoo homepage in chrome one has to select the chrome menu button and go to the settings. In the settings you have to check the show home button which will fall under appearance in Settings. Click the “Change” link which appears beneath the box and select open this page and reset yahoo homepage.  The type of browser plays a vital role in set Yahoo home pages. To reset Yahoo home page, one has to go to “Tools” or “options” of any browser. The silent features of Yahoo!, make yahoo my home page as a first preference. Yahoo! Advertising, Yahoo! Answering, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo Messenger are some of the unique features of Yahoo! which make Yahoo my Home Page.

There may be plenty of web browsers but most of users reset Yahoo homepage due to its unique features. Yahoo is one of the most trusted and widely accepted web browsers.

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